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White Mane

White Mane (1953)

In the south of France, in a vast plain region called the Camargue, lives White Mane, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses too proud to let themselves be broken by humans. Only Folco, a young fisherman, manages to tame him. A strong friendship grows between the boy and the horse, as the two go looking for the freedom that the world of men won’t allow them.

Plot Keywords: france, southern france, horse, fisherman, freedom, turtle, black and white, rabbit, wild horse, mediterranean sea, flamingo, dressage, horse riding

Original TitleCrin blanc: Le cheval sauvage
DirectorAlbert Lamorisse
WritersAlbert Lamorisse, Denys Colomb de Daunant
Production CompanyFilms Montsouris
Production CountryFrance
Spoken LanguageDeutsch, Français

Alternate Titles

Weiße Mähne
Bílá hríva
Der weiße Hengst
De vilde heste
Valkoinen ori
The Wild Stallion
To aspro alogo
Criniera bianca
Бела грива
Den hvite hesten
Biala grzywa
Crina Branca
Coama Alba
Bela griva
Белая грива
Beyaz yele
White Mane