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What Happened to Monday

What Happened to Monday (2017)

In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

Plot Keywords: chase, false identity, dystopia, overpopulation, investigation, betrayal, conspiracy, execution, alternate reality, population control, secrecy, septuplets

DirectorTommy Wirkola
WritersMax Botkin, Kerry Williamson
Production CompaniesNexus Factory, Vendome Pictures, Raffaella Productions, SND, Title Media, Umedia, uFund
Production CountriesBelgium, France, United Kingdom
Spoken LanguagesEnglish

Alternate Titles

Seven Sisters
7 Sisters
Sept soeurs
Sept sœurs
월요일이 사라졌다
Was geschah am Montag?
Qué le pasó a lunes?
What Happened to Monday