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Wasp Network

Wasp Network (2020)

Havana, Cuba, 1990. René González, an airplane pilot, unexpectedly flees the country, leaving behind his wife Olga and his daughter Irma, and begins a new life in Miami, where he becomes a member of an anti-Castro organization.

Plot Keywords: miami, florida, cuba, based on a true story, espionage, terrorism, havana, cuba, spy ring, 1990s, inspired by novel or book, 20th century, castro regime, anti-castro organization, cuban history

DirectorOlivier Assayas
WritersOlivier Assayas, Fernando Morais
Production CompaniesCG Cinéma, Nostromo Pictures, RT Features, SCOPE Pictures, France 2 Cinéma, Orange Studio, Memento Films Production
Production CountriesBelgium, Brazil, France, Spain
Spoken LanguagesEnglish, Italiano, Pусский, Español

Alternate Titles

Cuban Network