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Veronica (2017)

Madrid, June 1991. After celebrating a session of Ouija with her friends, Verónica is besieged by dangerous supernatural presences that threaten to harm her entire family.

Plot Keywords: madrid, spain, solar eclipse, nightmare, widow, supernatural, based on a true story, possession, ouija, family, crucifix, 1990s

Original TitleVerónica
DirectorPaco Plaza
WritersPaco Plaza, Fernando Navarro
Production CompaniesApaches Entertainment, Apache Films, Film Factory, Orange S.A., TVE, Sony Pictures International Productions
Production CountrySpain
Spoken LanguageEspañol

Alternate Titles

La posesión de Verónica
Veronica: Spiel mit dem Teufel
El expediente
Verónica: la posesión del diablo
Уиджи: Проклятие Вероники