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The Salvation

The Salvation (2014)

In 1870s America, a peaceful American settler kills his family's murderer which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader. His cowardly fellow townspeople then betray him, forcing him to hunt down the outlaws alone.

Plot Keywords: war veteran, coffin, gang leader, revenge, murder, mute, oil, money, gang, shootout, extortion, undertaker, train, violence, vengeance

DirectorKristian Levring
WritersAnders Thomas Jensen, Kristian Levring
Production CompaniesSpier Films, Forward Films, TrustNordisk, Zentropa Entertainments
Production CountriesDenmark, United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Belgium
Spoken LanguagesDansk, English

Alternate Titles

Venganza Fatal
A Salvação
The Salvation - Spur der Vergeltung
SCAN'14: Išganymas
A Salvação