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The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Tired of scaring humans every October 31 with the same old bag of tricks, Jack Skellington, the spindly king of Halloween Town, kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to deliver shrunken heads and other ghoulish gifts to children on Christmas morning. But as Christmas approaches, Jack's rag-doll girlfriend, Sally, tries to foil his misguided plans.

Plot Keywords: holiday, fire, santa claus, magic, halloween, skeleton, musical, christmas tree, woods, stop motion, pumpkin, saving christmas, christmas

DirectorHenry Selick
WritersTim Burton, Caroline Thompson, Michael McDowell, Mike Cachuela
Production CompaniesTim Burton Productions, Skellington Productions Inc., Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

El extraño mundo de Jack
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Pesadilla Antes de Navidad
Noční můra předvánoční
크리스마스 악몽
L'Etrange Noël de Monsieur Jack
El extraño mundo de Jack
El extraño mundo de Jack
Кошмарът преди Коледа
L'étrange noël de M. Jack
팀버튼의 크리스마스 악몽
The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D
क्रिसमस से पहले दुःस्वप्न
Ukradené Vánoce Tima Burtona
El extraño mundo de Jack