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The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior (1999)

A Muslim ambassador exiled from his homeland, Ahmad ibn Fadlan finds himself in the company of Vikings. While the behavior of the Norsemen initially offends ibn Fadlan, the more cultured outsider grows to respect the tough, if uncouth, warriors. During their travels together, ibn Fadlan and the Vikings get word of an evil presence closing in, and they must fight the frightening and formidable force, which was previously thought to exist only in legend.

Plot Keywords: witch, based on novel or book, cave, arabian, horse, kingdom, village, scandinavia, bagdad, viking, defence, epic, sword fight, deception, mission, historical fiction, barbarian, fictional war, demon, combat, cavalry, medieval, norse mythology, warrior, sword and sorcery, 10th century

DirectorJohn McTiernan
WritersWilliam Wisher Jr., Michael Crichton, Warren Lewis
Production CompanyTouchstone Pictures
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish, العربية, Español, Latin, svenska

Alternate Titles

Den 13. kriger
The Thirteenth Warrior
O 13º Guerreiro
Schwarze Nebel
El guerrero número trece
Le 13è Guerrier
O 13 Guerreiro
El guerrero número 13
Il 13-esimo guerriero
Il 13 guerriero
Тринадцатый Воин
13 Guerreros
El guerrero n 13
El guerrero No 13
Il tredicesimo guerriero
13-й воїн
13 воїн
Der 13. Krieger
El guerrero nº 13
Trzynasty Wojownik