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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

It's been 10 years since John Connor saved Earth from Judgment Day, and he's now living under the radar, steering clear of using anything Skynet can trace. That is, until he encounters T-X, a robotic assassin ordered to finish what T-1000 started. Good thing Connor's former nemesis, the Terminator, is back to aid the now-adult Connor … just like he promised.

Plot Keywords: saving the world, artificial intelligence, man vs machine, cyborg, killer robot, leather jacket, nanotechnology, rocket launcher, veterinarian, fire engine, dystopia, psychiatrist, firefighter

DirectorJonathan Mostow
WritersGale Anne Hurd, James Cameron, John D. Brancato, John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, Michael Ferris, Tedi Sarafian
Production CompaniesColumbia Pictures, Intermedia Films, C-2 Pictures, IMF Internationale Medien und Film GmbH & Co. 3. Produktions KG, Mostow/Lieberman Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production CountriesGermany, United Kingdom, United States of America
Spoken LanguagesEnglish

Alternate Titles

Terminator 3: pobuna mašina
Terminator 3
York Square
T3: Rise of the Machines
Terminator 3: Maskinernas uppror
Terminator 3: Buntŭt na mashinite
Exolothreftís 3: I Exégersi ton Michanón
Terminator 3: Vosstaniye mashin
Terminator 3: Povstannya mashyn
Terminator 3 - Le Soulèvement des Machines
O Exterminador do Futuro 3 A Rebeliao das Maquinas