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Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D find themselves at odds with the renegade scientist Soran who is destroying entire star systems. Only one man can help Picard stop Soran's scheme...and he's been dead for seventy-eight years.

Plot Keywords: loss of loved one, android, starship, spacecraft, teleportation, death, space opera, exploding planet, mountain cabin, solar system, cosmos, spanning generations, spaceship crash, outer space

DirectorDavid Carson
WritersRonald D. Moore, Brannon Braga
Production CompanyParamount
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Star Trek VII - Generations
Star Trek 7 - Generations
Star Trek VII: La propera generació
Star Trek - Generazioni
Star Trek. La próxima generación
Star Trek VII: La próxima generación
Star Trek 07 - Generations
Star Trek 7: Sukupolvet
Jornada nas Estrelas VII - Generations
Star Trek VII: Pokolenia
Star Trek - Generations
Star Trek VII Generace
Star Trek XII: Generations
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek VII - Treffen der Generationen
07 Star Trek VII - La proxima generacion
Star Trek VII Generations
Стар Трек VII: Космически поколения
スター・トレック7 ジェネレーションズ
Star Trek 07 Generations
Viaje a las estrellas: Generaciones
Star Trek 7
Star Trek VII - Generations
Star Trek 07
Jornada nas Estrelas: A Nova Geração
Star Trek 07 - Generations
Star Trek 07 - Novas Gerações
Стар Трек 7
Star Trek 07 - Treffen der Generationen
Star Trek VII:Generations
07_Star Trek 7. La proxima generacion
Viaje a las estrellas 7 Generaciones
Star Trek VII: Generácie
Star Trek 7. - Nemzedékek
Star Trek VII. - Nemzedékek