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Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.

Plot Keywords: chicago, illinois, florida, witness, musician, mafia, cross dressing, train, band, spats, all girl band, st. valentine's day massacre, sugar, valentine's day, dressing

DirectorBilly Wilder
WritersBilly Wilder, I. A. L. Diamond, Michael Logan, Robert Thoeren
Production CompaniesThe Mirisch Company, Ashton Productions, United Artists
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Una Eva y dos Adanes
Some like it hot - Noen har det hett
Nekateri so za vroce
Unora le place jazz-ul
O atsui no ga o suki
Neki to vole vruce
Niekto to rád horúce
Hamim V'Taeem
Bazilari Sicak Sever
У джазі тільки дівчата
Некоторые любят погорячее
Algunos prefieren quemarse
I hetaste laget
Manche mögen's heiss