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Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods

Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods (1988)

In Siberia, Hyōga saves a man that is being attacked. Injured, the man manages only to say something about Asgard. Some days later, Saori, Seiya, Shiryū and Shun are wondering about Hyōga and decide to go to Asgard to investigate. At Valhalla, the Lord of Asgard, Dolbar, says he has not heard of any Hyōga and neither has his right hand, Loki. However, at all times Seiya and the others can feel an evil cosmo emanating from Loki and the other Odin Saints called God Warriors. Shiryū, in particular, notices a familiar cosmo coming from Midgard, a mysterious, masked God Warrior. Dolbar makes it clear that he is trying to take control of both Asgard and the Sanctuary, imprisoning Athena in a strange dimension within the giant statue of Odin. Midgard reveals himself as Hyōga and tries to kill Shiryū to prove himself to Dolbar. Thus, it is the task of the Bronze Saints to defeat Dolbar, Loki and the rest of the God Warriors, to save Athena and Hyōga.

Plot Keywords: mythology, greek mythology, fighter, based on manga, suit of armor, shounen, anime, deity

Original Title聖闘士星矢 神々の熱き戦い
DirectorShigeyasu Yamauchi
WritersTakao Koyama, Masami Kurumada
Production CompanyToei Animation
Production CountryJapan
Spoken Language日本語

Alternate Titles

Cavaleiros do Zodíaco A Grande Batalha Dos Deuses
I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco - Movie II - L'Ardente Scontro degli Dei
Los Caballeros del Zodiaco: La Batalla de los Dioses
Saint Seiya: Kamigami no atsuki tatakai
Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque, La Guerre des dieux
Saint Seiya: The Heated War of the Gods
Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods
Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco 2 - A Grande Batalha dos Deuses
Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco - A Batalha dos Deuses
Los Caballeros del Zodiaco y la gran batalla de los dioses
Saint Seiya - Film 02 - La Guerre des dieux
Los Caballeros del Zodiaco: La Gran Batalla de los Dioses