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Prayers for Bobby

Prayers for Bobby (2009)

Bobby Griffith was his mother's favorite son, the perfect all-American boy growing up under deeply religious influences in Walnut Creek, California. Bobby was also gay. Struggling with a conflict no one knew of, much less understood, Bobby finally came out to his family.

Plot Keywords: christianity, suicide, based on novel or book, parent child relationship, homophobia, coming out, intolerance, based on a true story, grief, male homosexuality, religion, tragic event, lgbt, death of son, teen suicide, lgbt activist, religious intolerance, death of a loved one, gay theme, gay teen, gay

DirectorRussell Mulcahy
WritersLeroy Aarons, Katie Ford
Production CompaniesOnce Upon a Time Films, Sladek Taaffe Productions, Permut Presentations
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Orações Para Bobby
Oraciones para Bobby
Imák Bobbyért
Молитвы о Бобби