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Panfilov's 28 Men

Panfilov's 28 Men (2016)

USSR, Late November, 1941. Based on the account by reporter Vasiliy Koroteev that appeared in the Red Army's newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, shortly after the battle, this is the story of Panifilov's Twenty-Eight, a group of twenty-eight soldiers of the Red Army's 316th Rifle Division, under the command of General Ivan Panfilov, that stopped the advance on Moscow of a column of fifty-four Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for several days. Though armed only with standard issue Mosin-Nagant infantry rifles and DP and PM-M1910 machine guns, all useless against tanks, and with wholly inadequate RPG-40 anti-tank grenades and PTRD-41 anti-tank rifles, they fight tirelessly and defiantly, with uncommon bravery and unwavering dedication, to protect Moscow and their Motherland.

Plot Keywords: germany, hero, world war ii, russia, nazi, soviet military, tank, panfilov

Original Title28 панфиловцев
DirectorsKim Druzhinin, Andrey Shalopa
WriterAndrey Shalopa
Production CompaniesGaijin Entertainment, Lybian Palette
Production CountryRussia
Spoken LanguagePусский

Alternate Titles

Panfilov's 28
28 Panfilovtsev
Panfilov's Twenty Eight
Dvadtsat Vosem Panfilovtsev
Battle For Moscow
Двадцать восемь панфиловцев
Les 28 hommes de Panfilov
Les 28 de Panfilov
Les hommes de Panfilov
The 28 Heroes
Żołnierze Panfiłowa