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Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge (2006)

A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating – and learns a lesson about family himself.

Plot Keywords: squirrel, eating and drinking, garden, grizzly bear, entrapment, suburbian idyll, garbage, forest, turtle, racoon, suburb, animal

DirectorsKarey Kirkpatrick, Tim Johnson
WritersTom Lewis, Karey Kirkpatrick, Len Blum, Lorne Cameron, David Hoselton, Michael Fry, Steven E. Gordon, Mike de Seve, Jeff Snow, Joshua Pruett, David Soren
Production CompanyDreamWorks Animation
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Over the hedge - beesten bij de buren
E Khoch'yndot
Praz plot
Meti khejirebas
Becava ke upara
Ansooy-e parchin
Lebih Lindung Nilai
Sa ibabaw ng halamang-bakod
Preko ograde
Za zivo mejo