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Lone Wolf McQuade

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

The archetypical renegade Texas Ranger wages war against a drug kingpin with automatic weapons, his wits and martial arts after a gun battle leaves his partner dead. All of this inevitably culminates in a martial arts showdown between the drug lord and the ranger, and involving the woman they both love.

Plot Keywords: martial arts, kung fu, parent child relationship, texas, fbi, wheelchair, texas ranger, weapon, gun battle, drugs, killing a dog

DirectorSteve Carver
WritersH. Kaye Dyal, B.J. Nelson, B.J. Nelson
Production Companies1818, Lone Wolf McQuade Associates, Topkick Productions
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish, Español

Alternate Titles

Oeil pour Oeil
McQuade, lobo solitario
Одинокий волк МакКуэйд
Osamělý vlk McQuade
Самотният вълк МакКуейд
Oeil pour oeil
McQuade - den uovervindelige
McQuade, el llop solitari
Samotny wilk McQuade
Teksaski ranger McQuade
McQuade, el lobo solitario
Ensamme vargen McQuade
Yksinäinen susi McQuade
Ένας αλλά λύκος
Magányos farkas
Una magnum per McQuade
Ensom ulv
A Man Without Fear
McQuade, o Lobo Solitário
Osamelý vlk McQuade
McQuade, o Lobo Solitário
McQuade, el lobo solitario
Beyaz kurt
Lone Wolf