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Fast Sofa

Fast Sofa (2001)

Rick, a dope fiend, believes his goal in life is to track down Ginger, a famous porn star who is currently staying in her Beverly Hills hideaway. Rick is obsessed with Ginger, watches her movies obsessively, and deals drugs on the side, all to the chagrin of his lover Tamara. He decides to seek out Ginger while on the road, and along the way picks up Jules, a neurotic virgin.

Plot Keywords: pornography, pimp, twister, drug dealer, pet shop, strip club, condom, road trip, porn star, unfaithful boyfriend, hawk, crossbow, buddy comedy, bowling alley, woman director, unemployed

DirectorSalomé Breziner
WritersPeter Chase, Salomé Breziner, Bruce Craven, Bruce Craven
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles