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Fair Game

Fair Game (1995)

Max Kirkpatrick is a cop who protects Kate McQuean, a civil law attorney, from a renegade KGB team out to terminate her

Plot Keywords: bomb, miami, florida, detective, handcuffs, based on novel or book, hostage, fbi, kidnapping, hacker, kgb, chase, sadism, parking garage, pizza, police protection, psychopath, remake, car crash, conspiracy, on the run, fugitive, shootout, gunfight, sadist, foot chase, police detective, police station, car chase, held at gunpoint, double cross, cult film, machine gun, swat team, grenade launcher, underwater scene, rogue agent, woman lawyer, damsel in distress

DirectorAndrew Sipes
WritersPaula Gosling, Charlie Fletcher
Production CompaniesSilver Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEspañol, English

Alternate Titles

Cible de choix
Atraccion Explosiva
Caza legal
Facile preda
Atraccion Explosiva
Atraccion Explosiva