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District B13

District B13 (2004)

Set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb.

Plot Keywords: paris, france, bomb, street gang, martial arts, ghetto, dystopia, parkour, gang, undercover cop, drug dealing, suburb, violence, fighting, hand to hand combat

Original TitleBanlieue 13
DirectorPierre Morel
WritersLuc Besson, Bibi Naceri
Production CompaniesCanal+, EuropaCorp, TF1 Films Production
Production CountryFrance
Spoken LanguageFrançais

Alternate Titles

Banlieue 13
13º Distrito
Banlieue 13 - Anschlag auf Paris
District 13
District B13
Distrito 13
13 Dzielnica
13 Rayon
B13 - 13th District
Bölge 13
District 13
District B13