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Curse of the Golden Flower

Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)

During China's Tang dynasty the emperor has taken the princess of a neighboring province as his wife. She has borne him two sons and raised his eldest. Now his control over his dominion is complete, including the royal family itself.

Plot Keywords: poison, china, martial arts, swordplay, fight, toxication, secret society, passion, planned murder, palace, plan, battle for power, tang dynasty, pomp, conspiracy of murder, heir to the throne, marriage crisis, secret love, 7th century

Original Title滿城盡帶黃金甲
DirectorZhang Yimou
WritersZhang Yimou, Bian Zhihong, Wang Bin, Yu Cao
Production CompaniesEdko Films Ltd., Beijing New Picture Film Co. Ltd.
Production CountriesChina, Hong Kong
Spoken Languages普通话

Alternate Titles

Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia
Curse of the Golden Flower
La città proibita
La Cité interdite
Den gyllene blommans förbannelse
Curse of the Golden Flower