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Cell (2016)

When a strange signal pulsates through all cell phone networks worldwide, it starts a murderous epidemic of epic proportions when users become bloodthirsty creatures, and a group of people in New England are among the survivors to deal with the ensuing chaos after.

Plot Keywords: suicide, based on novel or book, airport, boston, massachusetts, murder, drive-in theater, violence, cell phone, ice cream truck, virus

DirectorTod Williams
WritersStephen King, Stephen King, Craig Gilmore, Adam Alleca
Production CompaniesCargo Entertainment, 120dB Films, Benaroya Pictures, The Genre Co., International Film Trust
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

셀: 인류 최후의 날
Conexión mortal
Conexión Mortal
Conexão Mortal
Conexão Mortal
Cell - Stephen King
L'appel des zombies
Puls - Wenn alle vernetzt sind, ist keiner sicher