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Bitter / Sweet

Bitter / Sweet (2009)

American businessman Brian Chandler has a perfect life with a great job and beautiful fiancée. When his boss, renegade coffee mogul Calvert Jenkins sends him to Thailand to inspect a crop for purchase, Brian meets Ticha, a beautiful Bangkok executive who has long-since given up on the prospects of finding love.

Plot Keywords: sibling relationship, parent child relationship, coffee, thailand, business man, village, coffee shop, love, cultural difference, rural area, american abroad, estranged father, business trip, engagement ring, small town girl, engaged couple, workplace romance, overseas, single girl, tasting, american company, foreign holiday

DirectorJeff Hare
WritersJeff Hare, Jeff Hare, Urs Brunner
Production CompaniesAngel & Bear Productions, Capitol Motion Pictures, 8th Wonder Entertainment
Production CountriesThailand, United States of America
Spoken Languagesภาษาไทย, English

Alternate Titles

Bitter Sweet