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A Perfect Murder

A Perfect Murder (1998)

Millionaire industrialist Steven Taylor is a man who has everything but what he craves most: the love and fidelity of his wife. A hugely successful player in the New York financial world, he considers her to be his most treasured acquisition. But she needs more than simply the role of dazzling accessory.

Plot Keywords: jealousy, blackmail, artist, extramarital affair

DirectorAndrew Davis
WritersFrederick Knott, Frederick Knott, Patrick Smith Kelly
Production CompaniesKopelson Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken Languageالعربية, English

Alternate Titles

Täydellinen murha
Um Homicídio Perfeito
Delitto perfetto (Douglas)
Popoln umor
Savršeno ubojstvo
A Perfect Murder
Досконале вбивство
Savršeno ubistvo
Morderstwo Doskonałe
Перфектно убийство
Täiuslik mõrv
Det perfekte mord
A perfect murder - et perfekt mord
Perfect Murder, A